Web Interface Conditions of Use

You are visiting the web interface www.online-textil.com (thereafter "Web interface"), which is operated by the entrepreneur:

  • Kubale media s.r.o., based at Mlýnská 10, 334 01 Přeštice, Czech Republic
  • Company ID: 11741287
  • VAT registration number: CZ11741287
  • registered: in the Commercial Register kept at the Regional Court in Pilsen, file number C 41094

postal address: Online-textil.com, Kubale media s.r.o., Mlýnská 10, 334 01 Přeštice, Czech Republic

telephone number: +420 731 181 022
e-mail: [email protected]

Bear in mind that regardless of whether you are shopping, have registered or are only visiting the Web Interface, it is necessary to follow the rules detailed below. The rules define and specify the conditions of use for all parts of the Web Interface.

1. Registering on the Web Interface

1.1. You can register on the Web Interface using the registration form available on the Web Interface. It is necessary to fill in the required details into the registration form, especially name, last name and e-mail. A user account is established via registration.

1.2. A username and a password is required for access to a user account. Keep user account access data private. You are responsible for a possible misuse of your user account by a third party.

1.3. The information filled into the registration form must be true and complete. We may delete an account without compensation that used false or incomplete data for its creation.

1.4. Should your data change we recommend to make immediate updates in your user account.

1.5. The protection of personal data in connection with registration is governed by the Principles of Personal and Other Data Protection.

1.6. With the use of a user account you may order products, track your orders and manage your account. Other possible functions of user accounts are always given in the Web Interface.

1.7. Bear in mind that we have the right to delete your account without compensation should good morals, applicable law or these conditions be broken.

2. Copyright protection

2.1. The content of the web pages located on the Web Interface (texts, photographs, pictures, logos and others), including the code of the Web Interface and these Conditions is protected by our copyright and may be protected by copyright of other persons. You may not change, copy, share or use the content for any reason without our agreement or the agreement of the copyright holder. It is in particular forbidden to share photographs or texts placed on the Web Interface whether free or for a charger. Names and designations of products, goods, services or companies may be registered trademarks of their respective owners.

2.2. Should the above be not respected, we will proceed according to Act No. 121/2000 Coll., Copyright Act, as amended. We, as the holder of the copyright, have the right to demand cessation of the violations and to demand the removal of unauthorized copies of protected content. We further have the right to demand appropriate compensation for the damages caused.

3. Further conditions related to the use of the Web Interface

3.1. We warn that by clicking on some of the links on the Web Interface you may leave our Web Interface or be redirected to third party website. 

3.2. We cannot guarantee uninterrupted access to the Web Interface or its freedom from defects and security. We are not responsible for any possible damage caused by access and usage of the Web Interface including damage created by the download of data made public on the Web Interface, interruption of services, defect of the Web Interface, a computer virus, data loss or by unauthorized access and access to data.

3.3. We are not responsible for faults that result from actions of third parties in the Web Interface or from use that is contrary to its function. While using the Web Interface, you may not use mechanisms, programs, scripts or other methods that could have a negative impact on its operation, that is interfere with the functionality of the system or burden it inadequately. You further may not act in a way that would enable you or a third person to access without authorization or use without authorization the software or other parts of the Web interface and use the Web Interface, its software or parts in a way that would be contrary to its purpose.

3.4. Should you act in a way contrary to the law or ethics while using the Web Interface, we are allowed to suspend or terminate your access to the Web Interface without any compensation. In this case, you are liable to compensate us for any damage demonstrably caused by your actions according to this article, in its full amount.

These conditions are valid and in force as of 28. October 2021.