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Are you looking for a stable company and a partner in apparel advertisement or promotional items? We would love to hear from you. Find more below!

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Why Us?

Who are we?

We belong among the biggest e-commerce websites with promotional apparel on the European market. We specialize in bulk orders, work for state administration, large corporations, and we have gathered great references over the years. We are able to process very large orders for thousands of euros and deliver them fast and in top quality anywhere in Europe.

What do we offer?

Quality without compromise. Defective pieces that are produced are automatically replaced with new ones. We use only modern washing-resistant print technologies. Our business runs for over 25 years. Compared to other printing companies we are fully online, we have elaborate logistics and very strict quality policy.

What apparel and product options do we offer?

There are basically no limits when it comes to long-term cooperation, large orders or B2B. We cooperate with other apparel manufacturers from all over Europe, even beyond the catalog on our website. Therefore, if you can't find what you are looking for in our catalog, don't hesitate to directly contact us with your request.

What technologies do we use?

The world of promotional apparel has turned in the digital direction in recent years. And if someone claims anything else, then they only print with screen printing or don't understand the technology. We will offer you screen printing as well when it comes to large orders. You can get machine embroidery for fleece apparel orders, smaller orders or special ones. We can also provide custom prints on challenging materials and digital printing. Are you planning on running a marathon? Then we will, of course, offer you 100% breathable sublimation print for your t-shirt.

What are our prices?

You can find a company with lower prices, as we do not use the lowest-price guarantee. Our prices are not among the highest either, we regularly win tenders and are able to offer the lowest bid.

Lukáš Kubale

Managing director

(+420) 602 591 974 (Available MON-FRI 10:00 - 17:00)

[email protected]

Let The Numbers Talk

M+ literally millions of pieces of apparel passed through our hands
250K+ we have processed approximately 250 000 orders
15 we currently employ roughly 15 permanent employees
25+ we are on the market for over 25 years (we set up a new company in 2021)


Ikea Ricoh České dráhy Česká spořitelna ČEPS Prima FZU Český hydrometeorologický ústav Armáda spásy ČVUT Univerzita Karlova

Why are we the best partner for B2B and state purchases?

Invoice payment

We offer an invoice option to our B2B customers. State administration customers are offered the option to pay with a payback period invoice. The standard due date for the invoice is 14 days, although we have an option to prolong the due date up to 30 days after the order is made. If a longer due date is required, it needs to be discussed individually. We are able to fill out mandatory publication, order numbers and other requests based on standards of primarily state administrations and corporate clients.

Bulk quantity discounts

Orders over €1000 are calculated individually. A price offer suited to your inquiry is provided. You know the entire contract price down to the dime in advance as we send you a complete order list. This approach sets us apart from other competitors.

Long term customers

Are you a regular buyer who orders smaller quantities? We will set an individual pricing into your user account on our website. We can set fixed branding price list for print/embroidery regardless of the number of pieces ordered. Fixed brand pricing needs to be discussed in advance, as branding technology is dependent on it.

We are flexible and fast

We know that fast delivery is sometimes very important. That's why we are able to dispatch non-branded merchandise immediately. Branded merchandise orders are fulfilled roughly within 1 week.

Great online store

We have developed our own solution for the website, order processing, billing and shipping. That gave us the opportunity to reflect specific requests from our customers. We know your needs, and that's what makes shopping with us so easy.

Shopping without limits

Apparel can be sold from a single piece. Print/embroidery can be realized from 25 pcs or Є 160 + VAT for apparel. These limitations reflect our high-quality printing technology. Our high-volume policy causes difficulties to please one piece orders in a way they are profitable for us. An exception can be given when creating a sample products for large orders and on demand collaborations for other sellers.

Document archive and backup

Did you lose your invoice? Are you unable to find your previous order and want to make the same one? All the data are safely backed up with us on multiple servers.

Company that is just the right size

We are proud to be a Czech family business. We love to add value to the product, and we are happy our work is met with success. We deliver across EU. The owner himself, Lukas, usually handles large orders. And so you can be sure you will get a special treatment. We are not chasing "big bucks". Instead, we let our company grow organically from money we earned. Thanks to our turnover, we grow 10s of percents every year. You can be sure that once started, our cooperation will be set for long years and the quality will remain high for the entire time.

Most favorite products


Suitable for
print and embroidery


Suitable for
print and embroidery

Polo Shirts

Suitable for
print and embroidery


Suitable for
print and embroidery


Suitable for
print and embroidery


Custom apparel printing

Quality custom printing with attention to quality and high-volume production capacityu

Machine embroidery

Fabric embroidery, including production of patches itself

Custom brands

Tags, labels and standardized packaging

Our technology in a nutshell

Digital print

We excel in digital printing, and we achieve high screen printing durability in our process, therefore the costs for small orders are a fraction of the price. We are able to print onto anything from our catalog except for fleece and terry. There is no need for complex preparations before the print, so everything can be printed right away.

Screen printing

Technology tested by the years, used to print larger amount of promotional apparel. This technology is ideal to be used for printing, especially on t-shirts and smooth materials. The high level screen printing that we offer is separation printing which is breaking down a photorealistic motive into the exact colors. (minimal order is 200-300 pcs.)

Machine embroidery

Our elaborated embroidery can be used for our entire range of products. Getting solo embroidery is also an option.


Breathable printing, which is ideal to be used to print on functional clothes. Be aware that the only color that has absolutely no limitations with this type of printing is white.


Glitter, 3D, puff, reflex and metallic print, suede patterns etc.


Separate transfers of any technology for later application or for your own ironing.


Tags, labels, packaging. We can produce everything, not just the promotional apparel. We know how to make business cards, flyers, stickers and much more.


In 2022, we've invested into digital technologies. At the end of the year we bought a halfautomatic production line with high capacity to be used for express bulk orders. We will invest into UV print technologies for promotional apparel in the first half of 2023.

Things we don't know how to do or really don't like to do

Work with provided material

We usually don't work with materials provided by our client at all. There are few exceptions with our really good and long term clients. They can be sure, we will provide everything they ask for. But our cooperation is strictly not starting with printing on material provided by the client.

Printing with bad data

If we want a high quality outcome, high quality input is needed as well. We do very well with lines, and we can ensure complete vectorization including colors based on the provided pattern. We are able to make easier adjustments with raster motives (color change, text change etc.), but Photoshop is not our strong suit.


Lot of our customers request visualization based on inquiry. We don't provide that type of service. Of course, there is a pre-print proof (preview) to be approved with every order. The proof is always done by professional graphic designer and every order is assessed individually. There is no automatization in visualization production. Proofing takes a lot of time, therefore it's done after we receive the order. It is always free, and you can comment on it any time and how many times you want until we reach the result you are looking for.

We don't like to look behind our back for the rivals that are trying to imitate us. :)

As we say, if two people do the same thing, in the end it might not be the same thing after all. We don't really care about this issue. The only line we don't like to be crossed is copying our texts, including legal documentation, system of bulk discounts and overall tone of communication. Thankfully our website is custom-made, therefore some functions might not be visible on first look and cannot be copied, same as our company DNA.


These guys are my go-to both for my company (I’m ordering with a logo embroidery) and for my family. The T-shirts are of high quality, communication is great and the price is fair.


We’re satisfied and we’ll make sure to recommend you further among our co-workers.

Strojírenský zkušební ústav, s.p.

Thank you for punctually fulfilling our order. The clothes are chic and comfortable.


We’re very happy with how the order was fulfilled – namely the communication with Mr. Kubale, the graphic designer, and the reasonable delivery time. The print on the T-shirts looks fantastic. We’ll be back for sure.

ZIPPER s.r.o.

We’ve ordered several times – good material and the print holds perfectly!

TJ Sokol Dolní Kralovice, z.s.

Swift communication, fast delivery, top quality of our company apparel. We’ll order again.

Kohut Trade Company s.r.o.

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