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We rank among the largest e-shops with promotional textile on Czech market. We provide orders to companies of all sizes and we are able to deliver anywhere in European Union.

We offer 25 years of experience, best references, sophisticated e-shop and option to make custom prints / embroderies. Take a look at our competitive advantages, references or realized orders.

Lukáš Kubale

Lukáš Kubale - owner

+420 602 591 974 (MON-FRI 10:00 - 17:00) [email protected]

Buy for 200.00 € + VAT and the shipping is free.

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Fast shipping

We are among the fastest on the market.

Seamless shopping

Convenient return and exchange within 30 days

Free shipping

From 200 € + VAT on all orders throughout the Czech Republic

Volume discounts

Sophisticated quantity discount program, individual calculation

Secure Purchase

25 years on the market, tens of thousands of orders a year

Printing and embroidery

High production capacity, emphasis on quality

Sales from 1 piece

Unlimited sales to companies and individuals

Professional approach

Customer Support, Top Reference