About us

We are a mid-sized e-shop and a company with a twenty-year history focusing primarily on online sales of advertising textile. From the beginning, we have been profiling as a family business. The company's current turnover is in tens of millions of CZK.

Circa 10 staff members are responsible for the everyday run of the company. The main emphasis is placed on the quality of provided services and customer care. In the last few years, we focus on constant development and modernisation of our internet shop. We use modern technologies, which help us dispatch a large number of orders in a relatively small number of employees. You can also visit one of our stores.

The satisfaction of our customers, which stays above 99%, is proof of the high quality of offered services. In the history of our company we've worked with subjects of all types and sizes, some of the references can be found  here: https://online-textil.com/prestigious-references