About us

We are a mid-sized e-shop and a company with a twenty-year history focusing primarily on online sales of advertising textile. A team of five staff members takes care of daily communication and order preparation for our customers.

We have two brick-and-mortar shops. Despite the lower number of staff, we belong to one of the biggest Czech e-shops specializing in advertising textile. It is a result of a complex knowledge of IT, using of modern technologies and automatization of mundane tasks. Our staff is perfectly trained in what they do thanks to zero fluctuation. We have been in business for twenty years which is our competitive advantage.

We are a family business, our legal form is a partnership of natural persons based on an agreement. We currently do not intend to transform into another type of legal entity such as private limited liability company or a joint-stock company since we do not see any added value in these forms of business entities. The annual turnover of our company is several tens of millions CZK.

We respect legislation, all our legal responsibilities are consulted with an external legal firm. We let a tax consultant handle our taxes. We do not have any operational loans. All of the operations and development of our company is financed by the money that we make. We do not have to worry about any kind of cooperation thanks to a stable cash flow and the long-term stable position on the market.

We believe in values such as mutual trust and a handshake to seal a deal. A perfect understanding of the needs of our customers is key as is the adjustment of our offer to make it reflect the current demand. We sense the fact that retail is moving to the online environment, that is why we have been constantly developing our own e-shop solution that reflects our needs and those of our customers.

We are able to appreciate the value of a customer, have been building up the company into its present state step-by-step and we want to keep on growing. In the past five years, we have been growing by tens of percents annually. This is the result of the perfect services that we offer to our customers.

If you decide to work with our company, we hope that you become of the 99,9% satisfied customers and our cooperation will be long-term and prosperous for both sides.

Lukáš Kubale
co-owner of the e-shop online-textil.com