Special Printing Effects

Originality, visual engagement and a clear value added. Welcome to the world of effect printing. Thanks to it we can realize orders beyond your imagination.

The realization itself is demanding in terms of preparation. At the same time, there are graphics where it is not suitable to implement some of the effects. We will discuss all the options with you based on your graphics.

1 Puff

Common plastic effect. The resulting print noticeably puffs above the printed surface. One of the most used and cheapest printing effects. The edges of the print are slightly rounded.

Puff (foto č.1)

2 3D print

Amazingly sharp and visually engaging effect protruding from the printed surface. As opposed to the puff effect, the edges of the print are sharp. One of the costliest effects.

3 Glitter

We can add special metallic glitter to standard print. That can add an atypical, glittery look. Glitters are available in various colours, gold and silver are used standardly. This effect is especially appreciated by the ladies (cosmetics, hairdressers' etc.).

Glitter (foto č.1)

4 Partial varnish

We can add high gloss to the print by using partial varnish. We recommend to use it mostly for products with motives of high contrast when compared to the underlying textile.

Parciální lak (foto č.1)

5 Luminescent print

Luminescent print. The resulting print glows in the dark. For optimal results it is possible to choose from these combinations:

6 Reflexive print

Classical reflexive print. A standard realization is in monochrome motive with a silver reflexive colour dye. It is possible to arrange yellow, red, green and blue via thermal-transfer.

7 Thermal-transfer printing effects

Metallic and structured foils, for more information click here: sampler (.jpg)