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Reflective vests Adler Czech 4-6 years/104-128 cm, 6-8 years/116-140 cm, uni

Size uni
Size 4-6 years/104-128 cm
Size 6-8 years/116-140 cm
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High-quality reflective vests without print. Reflective vests Adler Czech are suitable for everyday use but also as company dress or promotional gift. Perfect for print.  

Kids safety vest HV Bright Rimeck
Product with excellent price / quality ratio.
Color variants: 2 colors
Size: 4-6 years/104-128 cm - 6-8 years/116-140 cm
Weight: 120 g/m2 Collection: RIMECK
Available sizes: 4-6 years/104-128 cm, 6-8 years/116-140 cm
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